Monday, August 27, 2007

The Intrepid Traveller

I mentioned that I was in Newfoundland the other week.

I'm finally posting some pics to give you an idea of the rugged beauty of that province.

We did some touring around the countryside and admired the ocean cliffs,

as well as doing some whale and puffin watching.

But I wasn't home long enough to post about it because I had to leave AGAIN for a conference.

As much as I used to think that the travel that comes with my job would be fun, right now I'd just like to spend some time at home! I guess it's true that the grass is always greener. Sigh.

But this conference was amazing. It was our annual Women's Conference, and for the first time I was a discussion leader. To sum it all up all I can say is we have some amazing sisters in our union and they made it all seem easy.

No pics from the conference, but I think I over-compensated with the Newfoundland ones! lol

Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Relationship Rant

I was reading this page from about relationships and how Anne has written an article stating that intelligent women suck at relationships. As I've always thought of myself as reasonably intelligent, this made me think of my own relationships. Yeah, I've had a few. And yeah, many of them have sucked. But is that related to my particular level of intelligence?

Anne's theory is that women who do well career wise don't do well at their relationships. She says "So what does all this mean? Well, I believe that at the root of all this is the fact that many women with a high IQ have a perilously low EQ (that's their emotional intelligence quotient). Put more prosaically, this would explain why bright girls are often fools in love."

Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I'm not so sure any particular demographic holds the record for bad relationships. From my own skeletonous closet I've had relationships with guys who were lazy, substance abusing, manipulative, abusive and/or violent. I've also had relationships with guys who have been hard-working, devoted, dedicated, loving and supportive. My current 12+ year relationship being the showcase of all of the latter. I've also known women from all different kinds of demographics that have had really crappy relationships.

So I guess what I'm saying is that while Anne may not have yet found her ideal relationship (is there such a thing?) I don't think that blaming it on her I.Q. is the answer. Women have enough crap thrown at them to keep them down and stop them from succeeding. The last thing we need is fear mongering that if we pursue our dreams and goals we will be left cold and lonely. That may or may not happen regardless of what else we do in life, but at least if we've continued to pursue our dreams and goals we'll have enjoyed the ride.

I'm actually knitting!

I've got three different posts I'm working on. And there's lots of pics (if Blogger is being cooperative today). I just got back from a week in St. John's Newfoundland (amazing!), and a political post has caught my eye and made me respond, but I figure I'll start with the knitting post. This is supposed to be a knitting blog after all. I know, hard to believe, isn't it?

The story is that my hands have been too sore to knit. But I love the teapot I bought in England (it's Le Creuset from France, but I can get accompanying pieces like the the matching oval cast iron casserole dish Mom bought me right here at home) so much that I decided to knit the Kureyon Kozy from for it.

I had Noro Kureyon in mind when I thought of making a cozy because I thought the way the colours morph in the wool would be a good match for the way the colours morph in the Le Creuset, so I was glad when I found a pattern designed specifically for it. Now to me Noro Kureyon is not a cheap wool. If I didn't care I'd have just grabbed something out of the 3 ton yarn stash located around the house. One ball of Noro is enough but I bought two so that the stripes would match on either side of the cozy. I've recently redone the kitchen and I wanted to make something particularly nice, so even though I'm usually a cheap bastard I didn't mind splurging on the Noro. Until I ran across THE KNOT! Do you see it in the picture? The yarn has been broken and retied with no thought to the poor knitter trying to keep her stripes matching. The rat bastards!

So I went ahead and started the second side so that I could match the balls when I got to that point. And THIS is the pile I had to cut out to make the sides match! There's some of the orange, a full section of brown, a full section of blue and some of the green. I am not a happy camper. And of course you don't find this out until you're halfway through your project. For what I'm doing I'm able to make it work, but what if I were making something bigger like a sweater? Or even the ever popular Booga Bag (I think there's a link in my finished projects)?

So I'm not going to undo it all and take it back. But at $10 for a 50g ball it's just not good enough. Noro needs to get their act together.