Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Ok, let's post some recent projects.

I am a knitter and a soapmaker among other things. Here's some of things I've created lately.

This is a loaf of soap made with moose tallow with calendula leaves including some sprinkled on top, and swirled with Australian green clay. It's scented with Bay Rum.

This one is made with deer tallow and scented with Yuzu. Yummy! Think grapefruit.

Here's a loaf of Amaretto getting sliced up in the cutting guide I made.

And this one is a fabulous soap made with shea butter and scented with Lovespell.

To see more about my soap making check out my soap site here.

And after not knitting for several years I got back into it with this quick-knit sweater jacket. I think it took me a couple of days to whip up!

That was quickly followed up with this yoked sweater inspired by an episode of Gilmore Girls.

Which has led to my sock making frenzy; I'm on sock number 5, and three of them (2 that even match!) are keepers! Woohoo!

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