Monday, January 02, 2006

Holiday Knitting

I never did post a pic of the finished Christmas knitting. Yes, this is what took ALL that time to knit up (I must be a really slow knitter!). I've got two pairs of socks from Briggs and Little wool, an angora scarf, and the pièce de résistance, the Wallace and Grommit hat! DH asked me to buy the pattern (a child's sweater pattern) when I saw it on Ebay, but he doesn't wear sweaters. Then a couple of weeks before Christmas I had an ahah moment and used the pattern to make a hat. He's very proud and doesn't take it off for anything! Well, maybe when he takes a shower, but that's about it.
Then DD wanted a body hugging sweater out of the never-ending cone of eyelash wool I picked up at the Spinrite tent sale. So I've been busy the last week making this for her. I'd have her model it but she's been down for the count with a bad case of the flu and I don't want to make her move unnecessarily without my umbrella handy.
This is the cone before I started, and it looks pretty much the same now. It started out as a 6 pound cone (yes, that's SIX pounds!); I could probably make an entire wardrobe out of this thing!


JustApril said...

LOVE the Wallace and Grommit hat, cute! Thanks for the comment about short row heel making. The pattern I'm using calls for a flap heel, so I had to find another set of instructions and apply them. I am going to try it after lunch - I hope I can do it eeeeeek

Areli said...

The Wallace and Grommit hat is great. Thanks for showing off your Christmas knitting.

Sophie_vf said...

I love Wallace and Grommit! That's a completely awesome hat. I don't blame your DH for not taking it off.

Do you mind my asking what Briggs & Little yarn you used? I've used Durasport and been happy with it, and I'm now trying out Tuffy, and it seems very lumpy with cables.

Jacqui said...

Sophie, that's Brigg's and Little Sport; same as the Durasport but without the nylon. I do find this yarn a little "rustic", but I love it. I find the socks get softer with every wash.

cmeknit said...

Ok, you rock. I love that wallace and grommit hat. Brilliant. As a beginner at fair isle...I can really appreciate that work!

knitty_kat said...

Awesome job!! Hey, at least you weren't still working on it Christmas day!!

Anonymous said...

I bow to your intarsia abilities. I love the hat.

Anonymous said...

Hi Honey

I keep forgetting to tell you when we talk and I presumed you didn't want me to phone you at 3:30 AM, so here goes.

My Mom loves the socks you knit for her and wants to know if You're taking orders. :)

Let me know please. She's serious.

And for the rest of you, Jacqui's not kidding about me loving the hat. It's awesome. The picture doesn't do it justice.

DH, (Think I got that right.)

freshisle said...

Nice sweater!! I have one of those endless cones, too. Isn't the tent sale great?!