Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Lazy Days of Summer

Still no knitting news; sorry! The rheumatoid arthritis is kicking in as bad as when I was first diagnosed 17 years ago. Which means very little mobility in my hands and what movement I can make is painful. Not a good recipe for recreational knitting. I did get myself on the waiting list for a rheumatologist in London; hopefully I'll have an appointment within the next couple of months. The one (and only one) in Windsor is booking for next year so I'm hoping to get in sooner by driving to London for treatment. I usually try not to be a whiner and accept that there are waiting lists and stuff, but the problem is that once the damage is done it's irreversable; the key is to get good meds and fast. Unfortunately the family doctor I have now is reluctant to prescribe anything strong. I can't bend my wrists because of the damage done before I got on "good" meds the first time round. Now it's going after my... (what do you call those things?) where my fingers join my hands. (Are they knuckles?) Anyway I haven't done any knitting.

Stress is always a big factor in my flareups, and DS has been doing more than his share in that department lately. I don't like to talk about it on here (this is supposed to be a happy blog) but in the good news dept he's broken up with his GF who has caused us both a lot of stress and grief. The bad news is he has a new GF already. Actually there's lots of bad news with him but I'm not getting into it. (ok; thinking happy thoughts now)

But my Rose of Sharon is in full bloom. Don't these usually bloom in August? I'm thinking because I lopped the crap out of it this year to give it some shape it's just blooming like ten men. The day before I took this pic there was only one or two flowers on it. Isn't it beautiful?

And in order to fully utilize the Binford 9000 I hauled out a canopy tent from the shed and set it up. Now my backyard has a living room area, a rec room, a dining room and now a kitchen! What do I need the house for? Oh yeah; the bathroom. {blush}

Yup, the yard is really shaping up. And my Diced Tomatoes Felted Purse page? It's gone from 4 or 5 hits a week to 300 to 600 to a grand total of 1,448 visits this past week! Holy Hannah! I think it's on two "free pattern" sites now.

Go away! This is my new hiding spot!


knitty_kat said...

I feel your pain. Drugs, really are good. I hope you get in to see someone soon. I think it took me about 6 months, give or take.

I've been told by doctors I am lucky & can predict the weather. Ya, I hear it - I've fallen in the Sears parking lot; old ladies with walkers speed past me - and I can't get up! Funny how that works?!

Enjoy your garden, it looks fabulous!

knitty_kat said...

BTW, my point here was that once you get in, (if you are trying for St. Joe's) they don't take your pain for granted. Some seriously good doctors there!