Saturday, October 21, 2006

Swim, anyone?

I've been just a little distracted with the kitchen job and all to take care of the outside stuff. Yes, that's snow falling into my still-open pool. While most people have their pools closed by Labour Day or shortly after in my neck of the woods mine got closed the day after this pic. Mind you we don't usually see snow in the middle of October. DH is all excited though, he was at the snowmobile show yesterday and spent a whack of money; he's a happy camper today! Never mind that there won't likely be "rideable" amounts of snow until after New Year's...

And speaking of the new kitchen I came home the other day to wonderful smells, DD had a banana bread baking in the oven! Do you think the fact that I had bought all the ingredients and left the cookbook open on the counter to the right page had anything to do with it? lol

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