Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Charmed Life

I really do feel like I live a charmed life at times. I'm not sure if that's because I'm someone who tries to focus on the positives and downplay the negatives, or if I'm just plain lucky, but I often find myself in good situations. Even if it's something bad or even awful, I always seem to find that proverbial silver lining.

I had an amazing weekend snowmobiling up north in the Gravenhurst area with a group of really great people. The company, the conditions and the food were all amazingly good! The only downside was that I was completely preoccupied with a job offer I had received Friday afternoon just before heading up there. This was completely out of the blue, and it was for a very prestigious position within an organization I work in. The downside was that I would have to relocate to Toronto, a 4 hour drive away. This decision wouldn't just affect me but also DD and DS. DD has just received her acceptance letter from our local college for the fall for the program she wants, not to mention she's been in a two year relationship with her boyfriend and wouldn't want to move away, and even though DS is living with his Dad this move would mean I'd barely see him. I initially turned it down, but I was told I was at the top of the list for consideration for this position, and based on my experience and training it would be a really good fit. So the "powers that be" asked me to take the weekend to think about it. And think about it I did.

I must have talked myself into it and out of it a dozen times while screaming down the trails on my snowmobile (the pretty burgundy one with my name and Wonder Woman sticker on the side of the windshield). It's amazing I didn't hit a tree or launch off a cliff the way I was so distracted. I went through every possible scenario; keep my house and get a small apartment in Toronto, put DD in a small apartment and get a house in Toronto, commute from DH's (2 hours each way every day; what the heck was I thinking there?!) and so on.

At the end of the day I decided that to take the position would indeed be very prestigious, but would also cost me my sanity, my family and my way of life. So I turned it down.

I decided not every opportunity is worth jumping on. I'm happy with my life where it is; I've just started at University, I love the job I'm currently doing, I love my house (DD was quick to remind me of the newly renovated kitchen), I love living in the city I'm in and I love the relationships I have with family and friends. It's too much to give up, and I feel really good about the decision I made.

And on a completely different topic this is where I'll be sipping on a nice cold Margarita in about 2 1/2 days along with DH, my brother and his wife. ;) I am truly blessed.


Rain said...

It looks like you need that cruise in the sun after seeing all that ice and snow.

Sometimes life throws in something different just to make you appreciate what you have. It sounds like things are just right for you where you are.

Kare said...

: )

Kare said...

I think you made the right decision.

I'm dying to see your margarita pictures.

I had a peek at your claw. LOL. So,we are the big mitten gals. Have you found a pattern for not so big mittens by chance?

Anonymous said...

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