Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm feeling a little sheepish...

It's been about six weeks since I've posted! A big thanks to Knitty-Kat for giving me the kick in the pants I needed to get posting again. My life has been absolutely insane, and not necessarily in good ways. Well, to be fair, it wasn't all bad, but the bad was bad enough to keep me from posting at all, as I can't be upbeat when I'm dealing with crap, and I don't want to use my blog for whining. It already takes up too much room in my head, I'm not giving it more room on my blog. Now don't feel bad, I've been keeping a low profile in real life as well and I wasn't even up to telling my closest friend what's been going on until yesterday. So as far as the crap goes, let me just say that if you don't already have any let me highly recommend that you don't get yourself any teenagers. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

So I went to England! Yup, Mom and I spent two weeks last month getting back to the "mother country" for my first time in thirty years. It was great seeing relatives I haven't seen in that long. My same-age cousins and I hit it off like we'd never been apart; it was awesome! And I was able to be there for another cousin's wedding. Very cool.

We also did some touristy sight-seeing. We toured London and Cambridge while we were there. Talk about history! And we even spent a day in France where I got to enjoy what seems to be the national dish; Moulet et Frite (or something like that). That would just be a fancy way of saying mussels and fries. Now who would have thought of combining those two things?! The mussels were amazingly good, but the fries were no better or no different for that matter than fries at home. And no, I don't think they go particularly well with mussels. But the wine was great, as well as the pate we had as an appetizer. Yum! Also Indian food is big in England, and I had my first meal in an Indian restaurant. Ok, now I'm hungry.

Speaking of food, my aunt and uncle that I stayed with are big into cooking, and I learned quite a bit about different dishes and presentation while there. So rather than buying models of double decker buses or old-fashioned telephone booths for souvenirs (you see them in all the touristy shops), instead I bought a very good quality cheese grater, a cheese cellar and a teapot! lol I figured I might as well get things that maybe don't scream England but that I'll think of my trip and especially my aunt every time I use them. Which is often.


JustApril said...

Sorry about the crap stuff, it's hard to blog when things are crappy. I DO whine on my blog, though, when I feel like it, usually to explain why I haven't been posting, but ANYWAY... How cool that you got to go to England and catch up with relatives! Hope that most of the crap stuff gets better sooner rather than later.

Kare said...

oh. Teenager crap.
I've had two lifetimes filled up with teenager crap. It can wear you down. Hope things are calming down in that area for you.
(Don't you wish that you could be a mother that just didn't give a hoot? It'd be so much easier.)

But England! Now that's good stuff! So glad that you got to go.

Sauntering Soul said...

Sorry you've had crap going on. I've been going through my share of it too, but I've whined quite a bit on my blog about it. I've been trying not to lately though.

Glad you had fun in England! Sounds like a great trip (full of food).

Glad you're back to blogging again!

knitty_kat said...

You, maybe you should blog anyway, but make a point in finding the good stuff to blog about. It will help you get some perspective on crap!

I'm glad you posted, it looks like you had a great time. And ya, Indian food is awesome! I grew up with it, my Mum is from Trinidad&Tobago, but British Indian food is far milder. If you go anywhere here, I recommend finding something WestIndies-esk to be the closest (and not so hot).

Sending you a BIG hug & hang in there lady! Enjoy that tea pot!

knitty_kat said...

lady - I think it's hight time you posted again!! Show us your sun tan for heavens sake (if that's all ya got). We miss you!