Sunday, February 17, 2008

And the Winner Is...

My local union had a chili cookoff fundraiser last weekend. Now I don't generally make very good chili, but I felt that I should at least make an effort. This was my first year, but those that have done this before get right into it. This is my friend Cathy with her version of "colon cleanser". She definitely had the best display going on.

I usually just buy one of those chili packages and add a pound of ground meat (beef or chicken), a can of beans and a can of tomatoes and call it a day. I decided to look online for some help to come up with something a little more imaginative. I went to because I get a lot of recipes there, but when I did a search for chili what seemed like about a thousand recipes showed up. I looked through a few but I was baffled; I don't know what makes a good chili from a bad one. So I did the next logical thing; I sorted the recipes by review and just picked the one from the top of the sorted list with the best reviews. And you know what? I WON! LOL

I was asked by a few people for the recipe and I had no problems with sharing it. It's not like I developed it or anything; I made it pretty much exactly as written. If anyone wants to check it out it's the Boilermaker Tailgate Chili. And maybe someone can give me some tips to top this next year! lol


JustApril said...

OMG cool! =) How wild that the one that knew only a little about chili was the winner! Yaay you! Good recipe selection process =)

Sauntering Soul said...

OMG I love chili! Congrats on winning. I'll have to check out the recipe you used.