Sunday, January 03, 2010

A New Year

It's a new year and long overdue for an update. I've had almost two weeks off work and school and enjoyed every minute cocooning with my honey. He got me a satelite radio system for Christmas and we're really enjoying the blues station from BB Kings on Beal Street in Memphis (I've been there - they have GREAT ribs and beans!) We've also spent a LOT of couch time catching up on tv shows that I don't normally have time for. We've watched the first season of Mad Men and all four seasons of Dexter (OMG the ending!) as well as a bunch of movies. I have no guilt; as far as I'm concerned we deserved it.

Not much new in the knitting department, unless you count a couple of socks.

I have a new grandpuppy, a German Shephard named Thor who is living with me. I call him the grandpuppy because he's my son's dog, but Thor and I both know he's really my dog ;) I also have a grandkitty named Caliber living in DD's room. Tabby isn't impressed with either addition but she'll get over it.

Thor watches tv like no dog I've ever had before. He goes crazy barking and whining at the tv when I have a "doggy" movie on. We just had on a PBS special on wolves and he was howling along with them. He is too funny! He's a big dog, 95 pounds and he's not even a year old yet. I'll have to take some current pics to post; he's a beauty.

I'm still working, still going to school, and still trying to juggle half a dozen balls at once. I have construction going on at home right now; I'm having a sunroom put on with a below-grade entrance installed. It's a pretty big project (at least for me) but I am so looking forward to having it once the weather breaks! There's not much to see yet, the pool house has been partly torn down and the hole had been dug for the new entrance. Again I need to take some pics. Maybe for the next post.

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knitty_kat said...

Happy New Year!!

Sounds like you've been busy & doing well. Very glad to hear it.