Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Saturday project

I don't know about you but when I'm cleaning the house I'd rather be done sooner rather than later. I hate it when I have to run back and forth to grab cleaning supplies from room to room. I have a tool caddy - one of those with slots for screwdrivers and stuff - that I've been using for cleaning supplies but it's cumbersome. So I decided I needed a cleaning apron. Something to hold all the tools but doesn't get in the way or have to be carried around. There's lots of sites online that sell cleaning aprons, but they aren't cheap. There's also lots of free apron patterns online to compare until 2 in the morning (obsess much? Who, me?!) In the end, being the cheap bastard that I am, I decided to use a pillowcase and came up with my own design. This is what happens when you give someone who figured out how to fix machines for a living a sewing project. So far it's working out great, but I'll have to report back on a true test run because I had already cleaned the house before I made it today and I sure wasn't going back for round 2.

First, for those easily distracted, here's the finished product.

Ok. So I started with a gently used pillowcase. Sorry about the sideways pic, Blogger is being a jackass - the pic is normal on my computer. I'm not going into a detailed tutorial but I used double sided binding tape to finish off the edges of the pockets and to make two spray bottle carrier loops. I used ribbon for the ties, and found that they were hard to hold tight just tied in back so I lengthened them to wrap around to the front. That worked much better.

Here's the finished product. There's two rows of pockets, 3 on the top row and 4 on the bottom. I can't get my hands into the bottom side pockets but that's ok because I had specific items in mind to go in them, and I thought those things would be in the way in the top row.

And finally here's the finished product, all loaded up. :) I can leave it loaded up and put in on as needed :D.

Wow. Did you see how I just slid back into blogging without mentioning how many years it's been? Shhhhh... lol


Allison said...

Very creative and a great organization, time saving tool.

knitty_kat said...

The addition of the cell phone is genius. No running for the phone when your busy . . .it's right at hand!

Jacqui said...

Thanks Allison and Kat. Is it too geeky to admit I actually don't mind the housework when I'm using this apron? lol