Saturday, March 08, 2014

Phoebe's First Project

Well Phoebe has finished her first project. This is New Look 6098. From past experience with New Look patterns I made it one size smaller than what my measurements called for and it is just right size-wise.  I'm still not sold on the kimono sleeves but they are so easy to sew and are very comfortable so they are growing on me.  I love the length of this top - I find it figure-flattering.  And I have shoes to match - who knew!

I had a heck of a time with the hem - it took three times to get it right.  First I serged the edge and then tried to sew a 1 1/2" hem with a double needle.  There is too much flare in the skirt for that deep of a hem and all I did was make a huge mess that had to be picked out.  So next try I folded the serged edge under and did a 3/4" double fold hem, again with the double needle.  This was too much bulk and therefore too stiff for the very soft drapey (is that a word?  Spellcheck says no) knit fabric.  I contemplated using the faux coverstitch but the sample also seemed too stiff for this drapey of a top.  So third time is a charm, right?  I just went and sewed a 5/8" seam with the double needle (great stretch with that!) with no serging and no folding underneath to eliminate any bulk from the hem.  Then I trimmed the extra off with my rotary cutter.  Brave?  Maybe but more likely I was just fed up! lol  Now the top hangs like it should instead of flaring out at the sides.  Whew!

I knew from reading other reviews of this pattern that the neckline is low-cut so although it is hard to see in the above pics I am wearing a camisole under it.

This was also the first time I really used Gertrude for fitting. That is also a learning curve but she is definitely making that job easier.  Now that Phoebe is here I really feel like I'm getting my act together.  I just need lots of practice to improve skills and techniques.  Good thing I've been acquiring stash like it's the zombie apocalypse!

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