Thursday, September 11, 2014

Frankenstein Reincarnated

I've been busy sewing for my daughter for the last while. She's got a skirt, a sleeveless tee and a short sleeved tee from - what else - New Look 6735. The problem, well actually there were a couple, is that the skirt ended up a little on the short side (in my humble opinion) for my tall daughter, so I added a yoke from McCalls 6966. The other problem is that she didn't want the back seam on the tees. No problem, I can cut it on the fold. Except that I forgot when I laid it out and cut it for the seam. Twice. I have fabric to make her two more tees but I need her to try on what I've got done so far. I did write on the bag with her pattern tracing to "cut with a double fold!!!", so hopefully I get it right next time.  Sheesh!

So my aim this week has been to do some sewing for me.  An idea I picked up from the internet was to made a 3/4 sleeve tee with a matching infinity scarf.  I saw this done in a pretty solid sage green, and it looked almost like a cowl neck tee.  This would give you options and make a basic tee more versatile.   I finally got into the sewing room tonight, and just as I was about to rummage through my stash to see what caught my fancy I instead saw this top sitting on my cutting table looking at me accusingly.  So I gave in and had at it.

My mom had suggested running some thin elastic through the neckband, so I did.  Then I took it in quite a bit through the sleeves and the bodice.  I didn't even take it apart first to redo the ruching properly.  I just basted, checked for fit and then sewed.  I was afraid of doing anything more than absolutely necessary because this fabric stretches out of shape so much.

The conclusion?  Well the neckline is not as smooth as it should be, but it is a huge improvement.  The fit of the bodice is generally much  better except that the shoulder seams are a bit wide.  I may even wear it in public at some point.  I am playing with the idea of replacing the neckband completely (again!), this time with another more reliable fabric.  I'm sure I have something in my stash that would work, but depending on how this fabric behaves I could end up with something completely unwearable again.  So I'm not sure if I should tempt fate.  Sometimes I think it's best to leave well enough alone.

Hey - maybe I should do an infinity scarf with this tee!  I'll bet it could hide a ton of neckline sins.  I wonder if I can still get this fabric?  Hmmm...

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