Monday, January 12, 2015

A Passion for Purple

I know I haven't posted in well over a month, but that's just a sign of the time of year.  Yes, things get crazy in December.  I did manage to do a little sewing but I didn't get any pics.  Everyone in the family got jammie pants and I repaired my stepson's snowmobile cover.  That counts, right?

Anyway I went to the fabric store to buy another ruler cutting guide this week and I saw this purple knit faux leather that I just had to have.  I could immediately see it as contrasting sleeves on a (what else) New Look 6735.  I wasn't even deterred when I read the label that said hand wash only.  I took in the top a bit in the sleeves and the bodice because I keep finding my tops are stretching out after being washed once or twice.  The bodice is actually a much nicer fabric than what I usually buy so that may not be a problem here but I took it in anyway.  It looks great in the front, although it shows my bra lines in the back.  Hmph.  Oh well.  The other change I made was to narrow the neck opening by half an inch on either side.  When I was planning it I thought that more coverage would be appropriate with a tighter top.  

And I WILL hand wash it.  As much as I love this trend I already have a tee in my closet with faux leather sleeves.  

This one came from the Bay.  It has been washed twice.  It's now unwearable.  I checked the label and it says machine wash on gentle cycle in cold water and dry flat.  Well I'm sure I just washed it as normal, and not with good results.

It's not picking up very well in the pics but it looks terrible in person.  Regardless, I loved this fabric so much I went for it anyway and bought not just one but two matching fabrics for bodices since I should be able to get two sets of sleeves out of the half meter of faux leather.  You'll have to stay tuned to see the other!

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Mave said...

Love it! Look forward to the next one.