Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Vogue 8927

You'll have to forgive my formatting as the computer I am using has a hopelessly outdated version of IE that doesn't play nice with Blogger and I don't have admin privileges to install an updated browser.

 I've gotten back into the sewing room a bit this week. I've been working on a bathing suit coverup using Vogue 8927 and a somewhat sheer black crinkly weave that frays easily. For this reason I was initially thinking about doing French seams, but then thought that's what the serger is for. I serged all my seams and used the coverstitch for the hems so that in theory I shouldn't end up with fraying. At this point all I have left to do is attach the collar band and do buttons and button holes.

The main problem I've run into so far is that the interfacing is very obvious because of the sheer fabric. I could probably live with it on the outside (the camera flash makes it look worse in the pic than in real life), but the inside of the button bands looks terrible because the interfacing makes it obvious where the seam allowances end on the inside the seam.

Because the fabric frays so much I am reluctant to take it apart to do (who knows what) to fix this. There is a tiny bit of white at the hem where the interfacing is peaking out. I thought a fix for this could be to dab it with a Sharpie marker. This must have percolated in my brain overnight because when I woke up this morning I thought of a potential fix - I could dye the top!

A quick Google search only came up with a few thoughts on dying iron-on interfacing, with the concensus being to dye it before cutting and using it because of the heat of the dying process loosening up the glue. Well if that is the case wouldn't dying it ahead of time release the glue so that it is no longer iron-on? Anyway, it's too late for that now but I think if I try to dye the top once it's completely done and then I can press the bits with interfacing while still damp it might be salvageable.

So what are your thoughts? Leave well enough alone or go for the gusto and dye it?

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