Thursday, September 08, 2005

Finally finished something!

I'm not very good at this blogging thing, haven't updated since MAY! {blush}

Anyway I've finished my Blaze from Knitty. I finished it a couple of weeks ago but it kept falling off my shoulders and didn't feel quit right. I ended up adding some extra rows and decreases around the neckline and now it looks much more like the pic. I am happy with it!

And just to show how bad I've been about not updating this blog, I did eventually finish Soleil, also from Knitty. I had some gaping at the front of the armholes, so instead of ripping it and adding short rows I thought I'd save a few brain cells and frustration and add a little elastic instead.

I'm currently working on "Green Shawl #15" from the Fall Vogue Knitting in a varigated yarn that I think is going to look pretty. Hopefully I'll be a good girl and post pics when I'm done!


goodkarma said...

Wow! Both tops fit you perfectly. I love Blaze and haven't seen enough of them in blogland, so thanks for sharing yours!

Jacqui said...

Thank you! I saw your Mariah and I'm thinking one will be showing up on my blog sometime... :)

RunsWithTrowels said...

congrats on finishing both tops!
your blaze looks beautiful! it's been on my to-knit list for a while.
i'm glad that my charlie brown is inspiring! good luck with it if you decide to knit it. i really enjoyed the pattern. there' wasn't too much of any one pattern, so my interest was always held by it.

knitty_kat said...

Hey! I'm in the last throws of moving. . but glad to see you're still at it!