Tuesday, March 07, 2006

And Now For Something Completely Different...

I still haven't varnished the moulding for the bathroom, so no pics of that yet. And I've only knit about 12 rows of my sock in the last two weeks, so no pics of that either. But I did some sewing tonight! I had gone to Staples to look for a new portfolio and didn't find anything I liked any better than what I already have. So instead I went to the fabric store and bought some fabric to make pockets in my tote bag to make it more functional. I love this tote bag (especially the logo!) and don't want anything too "company" looking since I'm a union rep.

Here's the pocket pouch before I sewed it in the bag. It's basically one large zippered pouch with one smaller zippered pocket, elasticed pockets for my cell phone and my palm pilot, and a spot for some pens.

Here it is sewn into the bag. I cover six plants, so I need my portfolio but don't want to be carting around a great big briefcase or anything like that. I can also leave the purse at home because I can shove my wallet and lipstick in one of the zippered pockets. And that big pouch? I'm thinking it will fit a ball of sock yarn, a set of needles and a pattern for my lunch break! lol


JustApril said...

Innovation! My favorite =)

Hope your remodling gets over with soon

Sharon said...

You now have a very useful tote bag.