Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Still Alive and Kicking

Can I start out with a brag moment here? DD applied to a contest held by the local newspaper and won being one of three young women featured in their prom special coming out in a couple of weeks. The paper took them out and bought them each a dress, and had hair and makeup done for the feature. Since DD already had her prom dress she picked a beautiful cocktail dress that will suit her for years to come. Am I allowed to say here that I have the most beautiful daughter in the whole wide world? That's a Mom's priviledge, isn't it? The interesting thing is that they didn't even look at the pics the girls submitted until they had chosen the winners based on their essays.

I've not been very good about posting lately, or even commenting on other blogs. Work has been crazy including several out of town meetings (London, Oakville and then Port Elgin) that mess me up for a whole week for each one. The good news is that I get my yarn fixes in on these trips. I got to Lens Mill when I was in London and I stopped in Listowel on my way home from Port Elgin. No, that's not the direct route home; it's just worth going an hour or two out of my way to visit the Spinrite Factory Outlet. I love that place! I didn't find any must-haves in their by-the-ounce stuff, but I did pick up a bag of 10 balls of pretty lime Paton's Bumblebee baby cotton for $4 (I see a pretty summer top in my future!), a bag of lavender "unknown" that I'm pretty sure is Paton's Lacette or Divine (I'll know better once I've knit up a swatch) and a few balls of varigated Decor I'm hoping to make a pullover vest out of.

If nothing else these trips have been good for finishing up small ufo's, especially when DH came along to Port Elgin with me as Chauffer/Cabana Boy. I've finished up two pairs of socks and I'm back working on the Gilmore Sweater - The Beta Version. I love how this sweater is knitting up, and so far it fits the way I want it to. Who'd of thunk it! With the spring weather peaking around the corner it might not get worn until next season unless I really hustle.

And finally in kitty news the cats are finally enjoying their new kitty-nest. I bought it last month and put it in the kitchen for a couple of weeks where they wanted nothing to do with it. I was thinking about giving it away when I decided to move it to the family room and voila! Two happy kitties! :)


JustApril said...

She IS gorgeous! Nice dramatic eyes =) cool news for her! That's awesome! I love the sweater! Where do you get the Gilmore stuff?

Jacqui said...

I got the idea for what I call the Gilmore sweater from one worn on the show. I have pics here:

Gilmore Sweater Post

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet of your DH to do all of those nice things for you.
You better hang on to him. ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the cate bed.
Love the sweater.
and your daughter is beautiful!

Sharon said...

You have a beautiful daughter and must be very proud.

Great that you can enhance your stash while working ;)

The Gilimore sweater is looking good.