Sunday, April 09, 2006

Another New Toy!

After looking at some pics on my computer from my HP 2 megapixel point-and-shoot side by side with pics taken from DH's fancy-dancy camera I decided it's time to get a new camera. So instead of any knitting this week it's been obsessing over anything photography related while impatiently waiting for the new camera to come in. It's a Canon Rebel XT with SLR (which is the look-through lens), 8 megapixels and two lenses; an 18-55mm lens for general purpose and a 75-300mm zoom for nature shots and DS' football games. Have I ever mentioned how obsessed I get with stuff? The camera came in on Friday and I've already taken almost 200 pics as I learn and play. This first one is of a little flower coming out in the front of my house. I used the 18-55mm lens at the 18mm setting. The actual flower is less than 1/2" across; click on the pic to see the full size version. I'm amazed with what this camera can do!

Of course most of those pics have been of the cats! lol Here Boston says "Talk to me when there's meat on the table".

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JustApril said...

I love the macro setting on my little dig camera! I need to go foto some yellow flowers somewhere!

Your kitty definitely has 'attitude' even from behind! hehehehe