Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I've Created a Monster!

Or become one. I can't seem to put this camera down. Not even to pick up my knitting! Ok, that might have a little to do with the fact my rheumatoid arthritis is acting up BIG time, but still...

I'm in London this week, but due to two "tenatious teens" and a kitty that needs meds twice a day I'm commuting, which means 4 hours on the road each day. So between car-ass, my rheumatoid arthritis kicking in and the fact that I think I'm starting menopause I'm not the best company this week. And no knitting to top it off.

But here's some recent "stuff". First is some cute ducks just to show off how well this camera picks up details. (click on each pic for a better size)

Then some other birds; a common grackel,
a redwinged blackbird
and a barn swallow. This zoom lens is too much fun!

I'm even taking pictures of food for Pete's sake! Poor DH wants to die of embarassment when we go out to eat because I keep pulling out the camera.

I like to think of this one as a little "Canadiana".

And finally my "Piece de Resistance"; I call this one "Phantom Rider". Shot with a fast lens speed to freeze the background. Isn't that the coolest?!

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knitty_kat said...

nice birdy shots! I can never seem to get them