Thursday, November 16, 2006

Of Daughters and Granddaughters...

DD bought her very first car last weekend. Doesn't she look proud? As well she should. When she was working at that apprenticeship job in grades 11/12 she saved almost every dollar she made. So she's now the proud owner of this '97 Pontiac Sunfire. And with this comes freedom for both of us; she gets to do her own running around, I get to NOT have to drive her everywhere and as a bonus I can send her to the store or for takeout until the novelty wears off! ;)

She also landed an after-school job this week so she'll be able to pay for her gas and insurance. I tell you, this girl rocks!

And this interesting little character watching her Mom get her pics taken is my new granddaughter. Ok, I know it's a doll, but still. DD had this computerized doll for the weekend as part of her parenting course at school. The doll cries and you have a minute to respond by putting a key in it's back and holding it for 20 seconds or so. If you don't respond in time you fail the project because it's recorded as neglect. Shake the baby? Neglect. Lean it too far forward as I keep doing holding it over my shoulder to pat it's back? It cries.

Now DD figured she'd ask for the collicky baby in order to earn bonus marks. Well this baby cried every 9 minutes! I thought that maybe there's an internal clock and it did that during the day but would sleep for an hour or two at night, but apparently this doll is not that sophisticated. It cried every 9 minutes around the clock, and sometimes even after 6 or 7 minutes.

Now to keep the kids honest so they don't unload baby on their parents for the weekend the key is strapped to their wrist with a hospital bracelet so that they can't ditch the doll and run. Well by the second night and knowing DD had had no sleep whatsoever I did what any grandmother would do; I got up at 3am, pulled up a chair next to where she was laying on the couch, put the doll and DD's arm with the key on my lap and told her to sleep for a few hours. That way I could jam the key in the dolls back as necessary and DD could doze off for awhile. I did it again on the third night. Needless to say NO-ONE in the house got any sleep last weekend.

So come Monday morning, DD goes to school and goes to turn the doll in. And what did the teacher say? "Oh, you weren't supposed to get that one; that's the one that's mother was hooked on heroin. I'd better put it away so no-one else gets it..." They gave us a crack baby by mistake! lol

Well DD and her boyfriend have agreed that they are no way ready for a real baby just yet, and I know I'm no way near ready to be a grandmother. Whew! And when the teacher checked the doll there was no neglect recorded at all. DD managed to care for this crack baby all weekend without missing a beat. All I can say is she'd better get a mittful of bonus marks!

In knitting news I've actually been doing some. I've picked up an old WIP, the Vogue Knitting Lacey Shawl. I found the missing yarn for it so I'll actually have enough to finish this project. Hey, I had to do something while babysitting the devil-doll!


Sauntering Soul said...

Oh my gosh. You poor things! Crack baby. Hee hee. Tell DD congrats on her car!!! How exciting for her (and you).

JustApril said...

OK, I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. Amzing that they even have 'Crack Baby' lol - whew, every 9 minutes, day and night? Amazing that y'all did so well - I hope she gets extra EXTRA credit!

Kare said...

Oh! My daughter did that, too. She never wants kids. Bonus.
She didn't get the crack baby, though. Your poor daughter. lol.
I'm not sure how I found your blog, but thought I'd say hi.