Monday, November 27, 2006

Shopping, Knitting and Kitties

But first a pic of pure contentment; knitting with my back to the fireplace with my feet up and a kitty lapwarmer. You'll notice I picked the shot that blurred out the feet that are in desparate need of a pedicure.

I booked the day off work today to start on the Christmas shopping, and can you believe it I'm almost done! Here we are not even December yet and I've got just a few small gifts left to buy. This has never before happened in my unorganized life, and I venture to say it will never happen again, but I'm just going to gloat in the glory of shopping-done. Of course I'll still be in a panic on Christmas Eve as I remember someone that I totally forgot to buy for, but then it wouldn't be Christmas otherwise, would it?

Here I've finished the Vogue Knitting Lacy Shawl and it's on the blocking board. I don't usually bother to block but the lace just wasn't showing otherwise. I also wasn't sure of what would be the best way to block since being the cheap bastard that I am I made it out of an unlabeled yarn I bought (I think the shawl cost me $6.42) but just wetting it and stretching and pinning it on the board seemed to do the trick.

Tabitha says "thanks for the shawl Mom!"


jackie said...

hi! i just found your blog by tracking how people found mine--how funny is that? we share at least a name and an interest in kitties, shopping, and knitting. (a day of all 3 sounds like haven to me!) and now i will check out your other posts to see what else you have going on. :)

Kare said...

That picture looks so peaceful!
Your shawl is stunning, Jacqui. Did it take you forever to make? Good deal on the yarn.
Glad someone is doing well on the shopping business. sigh.
Your Tabitha looks just like my Shayla, except skinner! Quite shocking.

Areli said...

Wow! Gorgeous shawl, and your cat looks so happy and content laying on top of it.

Sauntering Soul said...

At some point, all of the knitting blogs I read just may inspire me to try it! But I hate math and I understand there's math involved in knitting?

Your shawl is so lovely! Tabitha is one lucky kitty.

Tam said...

Teeeheee! Nice "Kitty lapwarmer." I have one of those too! =)