Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I Hate the Movies!

I love movies on tv. I hate movies that you have to take out a second mortgage to go see; especially when they're crap!

I was just reading Laurie's post about the movie "Holiday". I have to say that I'm really glad she wrote this because she's just saved me $9.95. 'Cause if you're anything like me and all (that would be "cheap bastard") you can't stand spending good money (or valuable time) going to see crap.

And why does this happen? It seems like there's way more movies being put out today than when I was growing up, but it's just more crap. I think we need someone to start a women's site - like a female Siskel and Ebert (or whoever it is these days) to give us the heads up. I really don't mind coughing up the cash if I enjoy the movie, but that seems to happen less and less these days.

I can remember about ten years ago when the "Pokemon" movie first came out. DS, being 6 years old at the time, was dying to see it. Problem was he kept getting mad at my partner for snoring throughout the movie. Fact is it was me.

Then about a year ago I again took DS to a movie that was so bad I can't even remember the name of it. I kept waking up to an elbow in my side with DS hissing at me "Mom! You're snoring!" At least if I'm watching it at home I can rerun it after I wake up when I've inevitably fallen asleep on the couch fifteen minutes into it.

So wouldn't it be nice if the movie industry started focusing on quality instead of quantity. Because in the immortal words of Ouiser Boudreaux in "Steel Magnolias", "Hell; I can sleep at home for free!" Now THAT was a movie!


Kare said...

Now I have to go read Laurie's post.
I don't like going to the theatres either. They are uncomfortable, you must listen to people chewing loudly(and that makes me crazy!), the washrooms are yucky (that, too makes me crazy), and I usually don't like the movie. Plus, it's 12 bucks here. The popcorn usually costs about $98.00.
Kudos to you for sitting through Pokemon! lol Awake or not!

Kare said...