Friday, December 01, 2006

Onward and upward...

I was complaining whining speculating about the changes in my life in a recent post, and I've decided to take some action on it. I might be right out of my mind but I have an appt Monday with a dept head at our local university.

Now you have to realize that I graduated from high school in (gulp) 1979. In my early 20's I did a 4 year apprenticeship as a Tool & Die Maker and haven't been to school since other than the occasional night school class.

But the kids are pretty much grown, DD is 18 and just bought her first car and is working part time while going to school full time and really doesn't need me much anymore. (I guess I'd better learn not to make run-on sentences if I want to go to uni!) DS is living with Dad at the moment. So there's really no reason for me not to.

I work full time so I'm going to apply as a part time undergrad, and I'm thinking of just taking one course per semester to begin until I see how it goes. I want it to enhance my life, not take it over. And I'm choosing a program that interests me very much; Women's Studies; which also relates to my job as a Women's Advocate in the workplace. Many of the courses run in the later afternoon or early evening hours, so it should be do-able along with my full time work. I'll be eligible to retire with a full pension from my current job at 52 (that's only 7 years away) and while I'll likely stay if I'm still enjoying it it would be nice to have options.

Has anyone else done this? It'll probably take me at least 10 years to get a BA, but I'm thinking it might be a good example to set for the kids. On the other hand I had to ask about what a grad student is, what's an undergrad, I have no clue about anything university related, or what to expect!

So am I nuts? I need to go breath now.


Sauntering Soul said...

You are absolutely not nuts! Congratulations!!!

I think it's fabulous that you're doing something for yourself that you're interested in. I don't have kids so y'all can all tell me I don't know what the heck I'm talking about, but I think too many people don't do stuff like this for themselves once their kids are "grown up".

My degree is in psychology and one of my favorite classes was the Psychology of Women taught by the head of the Womens Studies program. I remember thinking how cool she was.

Go you!

knitty_kat said...

take a deep breath and plung right in there. It's a hard decsion to make, but education is never one that you will regret.

Way to go!!

JustApril said...

NO no nuts - lots of women go back to school when the kids are older

Kare said...

Go for it!!!!

Sharon said...

No you are definately not nuts.

Now I am not sure of all the lingo but I am assuming that part time undergrad is the same as part time uni student here in Australia. If so then I can tell you that my friend, after having her last child, did part time study to become a teacher, it took her 8 years (full time is only 4) but she did it and now is one very happy school teacher :)

freshisle said...

Not nuts at all, incredibly smart, I think. If I still lived near a university, I'd still be taking courses. I think you'll enjoy it very much!

Anonymous said...


We'll all be rootin for you from the sidelines all the way.

Just let us know what we can do to help incase we aren't able to figure it out for ourselves. LOL

Love You.
DH on behalf of your ever appreciative clan.