Monday, January 15, 2007

I think I mentioned in the last post how much I'm enjoying my class at the University. Well because I'm in the Women's Studies program I received an email the other day for... wait for it... Take Back the Knit! lol What can I say? I thought that was very clever, being this is the same group of women who organizes the local Take Back the Night and all.

Anyway I've decided to go. It's tonight and even though I have a class I can catch the last hour or so. But I'm thinking that seeing as it's at a coffeeshop, and there's going to be knitting, and it's with a bunch of feminists who call knitting a political act, what better public debut to break out the Mother's Day Mug! Yeah, I'm thinking bringing your own mug would definitely be the environmentally correct thing to do here. ;)


Kris said...

It's always nice to find blogs for local knitters. I was checking to see if Knit One Purl One had a web site and google brought you to my attention. Anyways, just wanted to say
hi to you.
P.S - I just loved the story about your daughter and "grandbaby". I could not stop laughing. :-)

freshisle said...

It's great to hear that school is going so well. Good for you!! Hope the knit night was a nice time!

Kare said...

How did it go? Were you brave enough to take the mug?
: )