Sunday, January 27, 2008

Big Dreams

I thought I'd found a project to use up some of the huge stash of sport weight wool cluttering up my house. The gauge on the wool and recommended needles are just about what this pattern calls for. I've been hanging on to this pattern for years; it's from the 1994 Vogue Knitting that I had a subscription to way back then. I've always loved it. Sounds perfect, right? Well, problem is that even though it calls for 3 1/2mm needles, I have to use 2 1/2mm to get gauge. I seem to run into this problem a lot. I don't feel that my knitting is loose but I always have to go down several sizes in order to get gauge. Now I have a hard enough time getting through a pair of socks on teeny tiny needles. I can't imagine an entire vest. The other thing holding me back is I've run into problems whenever I've tried using Vogue patterns. So if I do decide to go for it I'll have to make sure I give the pattern a really good once-over first.

On the other hand Freshisle Fibers has made some gorgeous mitts that have me thinking about making something similar. Lots of ideas, not nearly enough time.

In kitty-news I swapped the store-bought cushion from Tabby's bed and put in her fleece blanket instead. And what do you know; she loves it now!


Sauntering Soul said...

Uhm, I have to ask....are those suspenders a Canadian thing? Because I would be laughed out of town down here in Atlanta if I showed up at the law office wearing suspenders over a shirt and a knitted vest.

Kare said...

that'll be a big undertaking!! little baby needles for that! holy moly! It sure would be pretty though.

Loving the scarf.

freshisle said...

I love those kinds of vests. I purchased yarn for a similar one from Folk Vests years ago. It's still in the plans. Eventually!!