Saturday, January 04, 2014

Angela Wolf's Style

In other news I bought the Craftsy class on making designer jeans from Angela Wolf. I have to say I love her style (pics are screenshots from her video). In particular I love the modern take on the twin sets she wears. I am trying to figure out if she is wearing a tank, a sleeveless tee or a regular tee underneath. I can't see a witness mark on her sleeve for something underneath, so my best guess is at least sleeveless. Or maybe it is not two separate pieces but a "cheater" with two fronts and one back. I have looked on her website for a pattern but come up empty. Regardless this is definitely going into my idea bank.

EDITED TO ADD: I sent Angela Wolf a message asking the above questions. She was gracious enough to reply:

"The tops underneath are tanks - I use my ruched-t pattern and leave the sleeves off. The over knit tops are new designs I have been testing for future patterns (hopefully in my lifetime :)) I love these! The don't wrinkle and I can shed layers throughout the day. Thanks for your comments :)"

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