Thursday, January 09, 2014

Sergio's Cover

Looks like an old typewriter under there!
It turns out I'm not getting Phoebe (the new Pfaff) this week. I heard from my dealer (doesn't that sound illicit?!) on Monday and not only is the Pfaff Ambition 1.5 backordered but it is discontinued. Apparently it is being replaced by the Ambition 2.0 - more stitches, bigger motor, more money. So to accommodate those that are on backorder they are filling those orders with the 2.0 at no extra charge. Go me! :) The downside is he says it will take another 2 - 3 weeks for the new machines to come in. I'm just hoping that doesn't translate into 2 - 3 months.

Fortunately I still have my old mechanical Betty (the White) to play with while waiting. I want to save my stash of knits for when Phoebe gets here but I have some cute fabric leftovers my mom gave me that would make covers for the machines. Last night I made this cover for Sergio. I quilted the front and back simply to try it. I had just ordered a whole bunch of new feet for Betty when I decided to buy a new machine so I was able to try out the quilting foot. It was definitely a learning curve. I did the back piece first, and while not perfect the front piece that I did second is better. Fortunately the flaws are on the inside. I had a little bunching in a few places. It will be interesting to see if I run into that as much with Phoebe since the Pfaff's have that built-in dual feed.

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