Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Oooops! Or... The Style Arc "Ann" Tee

Thor loves a good photobomb

Well, here's the first incarnation of the Style Arc "Ann" tee.  Let's see if we can count how many ways it went wrong.

This was a downloadable pattern being offered for free for a limited time.  Style Arc is a popular indie pattern company out of Australia, and they have a strong following.  It's a scooped neck tee with side ruching on the front. The pattern prints out with full front and back (rather than half cut on the fold).  This was my first time with this and a bit of an adjustment for cutting out.  I used the 12 because that is what my measurements called for, compared to the 14 I use in "Big 4" patterns.  I need to fold the pattern in half to compare it to my TNT NL6735.  It didn't seem too big until I started sewing it together.

To be honest I think most of the problems came from the fabric.  This is a thin mesh polyester knit.  I bought it because I loved the pattern on it.  And because the cheap bastard in me loved the $3/meter price.  As you can see it is too see-through, at least for work.  But the biggest thing is you would think I sprinkled fertilizer on this fabric.  The more I sewed with it the more it grew.  And grew.  I had to remove the neckband and take out a full 10".  And as you can see it then still stretched (again!) to unwearable proportions after putting it in a second time.  I was originally thinking about using a cowl neck collar, but I'm really glad I decided to do it "as is" for the first go-round.

It isn't hemmed yet.  Although I prewashed the fabric I may throw it in the wash again to see what happens.  With the free pattern and $4.50 in fabric I really have nothing to lose other than my time.


Mave said...

It took me a while to start to type - I had to stop laughing! I think it will be a top that has to have another top underneath, plus a belt and a set of those expandable sleeve "garters" for the arms to make the top wearable! Or not. Un-sew and start again with trusted and true.

Jacqui said...

Mave I was laughing too! I really can't be too upset. I've had a good number of successes, so at least if I have to have the occasional disaster it wasn't with something important.