Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sure is Quiet In Here!

I went to the local public library after work yesterday, something I rarely do now that I read books on my Kobo ereader. The place was really quiet - not quiet because it's a library and no one is talking, but quiet as in there were only three other people there, and one of them was a staff person. I hope that doesn't mean we are going to lose the library, and maybe it means I need to go there more often to throw them some business. I really do like reading on my ereader, but some books require big glossy pics to look at. Like sewing books.

I was specifically hoping to find some more serging books but they are mostly out at other branches, but when I went online to reserve them I got the dreaded "your privileges are expired" message, meaning I needed to go there to renew my card. I was still able to find some stuff to keep me busy. Here's my haul:

Style Evolution: How To Create Ageless Personal Style In Your 40s And Beyond

Timesaving Sewing - Singer Sewing Reference Library

Sew, Serge, Press: Speed Tailoring in the Ultimate Sewing Center

The Perfect Fit - Singer Sewing Reference Library

Design It, Sew It, and Wear It: Clothes from Patterns You Make Yourself

I get to keep them for three weeks but I don't know how much I will get through them. It could be worse - there were at least three more that I put back on the shelf!

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