Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Butterick 6049 Started

Daughter was over tonight and together we got started on the muslin for Butterick 6049. This is her first time following a pattern so I had her trace out the pattern pieces and cut out the muslin fabric. Then she did some initial sewing before I tried the tricky bit of joining the colour blocked bust pieces. It's a good thing we started with a muslin because the "easy" rated pattern is quite challenging in this point.

This is how the points are supposed to look:

And this is how mine look:

And this is all the directions you get for this point:

Even Gertie says "Warning: those points are a little tricky to sew!"  Fortunately we've got some time so I can do a little research and play with some scraps before cutting into the fashion fabric. I so want her first project to be one she will be proud of!

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