Tuesday, October 21, 2014

More on Butterick 6049

Point is starting to look pretty good
I've been continuing on with Butterick 6049 for daughter. I was having difficulty getting the points to turn out nicely, so a few more trials were in order. I didn't find anything in the sewing books I already had on hand, so I researched what I could find online. I found what I think is the best advice in this video.

After getting a decent point I wanted to adjust the pattern for the gaping under the arms. Daughter is quite busty and I think that is what was causing the gaping. I decided a couple of darts were in order. I darted the muslin and had her try it on. There is still a little bit of puffiness in the triangle but it's not really obvious. I had done the full two inch adjustment in one dart on one side of the muslin and divided it into two darts on the other side. She and I both preferred the double dart as it seemed to absorb the extra puffiness better.

Next up was to transfer the darts to the paper pattern. I was hoping to be able to eliminate having darts in the finished dress. I cut and slashed the pattern piece, retaped and cut out another trial piece.

The final test piece pinned to the muslin

Check out that point - I think I've nailed it!

The underarm seems pretty smooth

 That final test piece is looking pretty good.  I think I'm ready to cut into the fashion fabric. Fingers crossed!


Mave said...

Looking at the original pattern, there appears to have gathers under the bust seam. Will this be affected by the side arm adjustment?
The point work is beautiful. l
Loking forward to the finished project.

Jacqui said...

Yes, there are gathers under the bust, but I don't think they are affected by the adjustment I made. If anything the dress could do with a dart in the triangle but I don't want to spend a lifetime working on adjusting this pattern. As much as I want to learn and make it the best I can I have to remind myself that it is basically just a costume, and the clock is ticking for me to get it done.

Anonymous said...

You say you're cutting ina fashion fabric next... i've just been tracing this up and looking at the pattern layout am i right in thinking i can't use a fabric with a one way design? :/

Jacqui said...

The skirt is a big circle. Therefore dots or other small patterns should be fine (mine has small dots) but I think you are right about not being able to make a one way design work. The front is all one large half circle, so whatever is at the one side would be standing on its head on the other side. If you had flowers, for example, with stems that are all growing in the same direction, they would be upside down on half the skirt.

Lulabella said...

I am absolutely flummoxed with this pattern. I cannot work out how to get the bodice done. Can you offer any help with the instructions?

Jacqui said...

Lulabella it has been a few years since I made this pattern but if you let me know what step you are getting stuck on I will see if I can help.