Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The End of "Old Faithful"

I've worn these shoes for about 2 years. I have a hard time finding just the right thing when it comes to shoes, and these were perfect. They weren't expensive, just basic brown leather lace-up shoes with a 2" platform sole and stitching around the toes. I live in these shoes! Sure, I have other shoes I wear for special outfits or stuff like that, but these were my "real life" shoes. I polish them faithfully (just bought a new tin of polish for them), and they look great with my jeans; not too casual like running shoes and yet not too dressy.

What's happened is they've split across the sole. I'm taking them to the shoe-repair guy but I have to face the fact that I'm going to need a replacement pair. I've been looking for a pair just like them in black, but they're no longer on the market. I can't believe how upset I am over this!

Of course this comes on the heels (hehehe) of me losing my prescription glasses at the Harry Potter movie on Sunday night. Did I say my SECOND pair of prescription glasses? Yup, and there's no way I'm forking out the cash for yet another pair so I'll be living in my cheapie drugstore magnifiers until my insurance coverage comes up again in a year or so.

{Sigh} Yes, I am pathetic.

In knitty news I'm making progress with the Christmas knitting. Will be a boring blog for knitting pics though because I can't show people what they're getting.


Areli said...

I'm sorry to here about your shoes and glasses. I love your Tempting, such a beautiful color and so flattering.

An said...

So sorry for your loss-- I feel your pain :-(

Jacqui said...

"So sorry for your loss-- I feel your pain :-( "

I know; if I'm not able to save them I figure the least I need to do is give them a decent burial; do you think a marker would be too much?! lol

feminaformosa said...

Have you tried eBay? You never know!

(found your blog through knittyboard, btw)

Jacqui said...

Well I took them to the shoemenders. He can't resole them but he's going to try gluing them. At least I'll have them to wear while I try to find something to replace them.

I'll be in Toronto later this week; maybe I'll find something at the Eaton Centre. (like I needed an excuse to shop there! lol)