Monday, November 28, 2005

New Shoes and Half a Christmas Present!

After searching through every store in the mall, every store online, Ebay, and every other thing that came to mind, I finally found a replacement for Old Faithful. Now, bear in mind I've been looking for a replacement for these shoes since at least June because I wanted to get a pair in black. And I've found nothing; I mean NOTHING. Even when I'd find something not quite right but at least in the ballpark they didn't have my size. Since when did size 10's become so popular? I thought I was the only sasquatch out there!

Anyway, here they are. Yes, the colour could be a little lighter and the heel could be a little higher. Yes, they're Doc Marten's. Yes, they're made by exploited little children in China. Yes, they're HUGELY overpriced. {sigh} And yes, I feel enormously guilty about buying them. Therefore I went ahead and bought two pairs; black and brown. Besides, I got the original shoes back from the shoemender's today and they've been glued, so now that I've bought these Doc's the original cheapies will last forever! {because that's the way life works} Now I'll go hide my head in shame. {but I have great shoes on my feet!}

In Knitty news, I've finished the first of what hopefully will be a pair of socks for my MIL for Christmas. {I think I'm safe; she doesn't know about the blog} Made with Briggs & Little sport weight with my lacey sock pattern, I have to say how much I love the mauve colour; I'll have to get some more for a pair for me! lol Have I mentioned how much this wool gets softer with each washing?


Areli said...

Your MIL will love her socks. Very pretty pattern.

Slickery said...

Nice sock! I am so very, very jealous.

But I thought mauve was a muted dusty orchid kind of color? Has it been blue all this time?

Shellie said...

Ooh, very pretty sock. You have a very lucky MIL.

BTW, your Doc Martins will last you forever. I bought a pair six years ago and wear them every day in the summer months (well, April through October here in Texas). No problems yet.

Jacqui said...

Slickery, It actually looks almost grey on my screen, but in real life it's a dusty pinky-purple. It's a pretty colour!

Chicklit, I'm glad to hear that; I probably used 6 years worth of shoe budget buying the two pairs! lol