Monday, January 30, 2006

Ship Ahoy!

I've been really trying to Fly along and been going hard on the bedroom this week. It's not perfect, but I've made some really good progress and decided I needed a reward. So I broke down and bought myself a vanity. I used one for years when I was a teen and young adult, but haven't had one now for probably 20 years. Since I can't see squat without my glasses and I can't put on mascara with them on I need a place to keep a magnifying mirror for those days I'm ambitious enough to make myself presentable. If nothing else it keeps all my makeup junk out of the bathroom. About time I got one again, doncha think?

Speaking of bathrooms, DD decided about six months ago that she was going to redecorate the second bathroom. Although I told her I wasn't ready to get into that job, she went ahead and stripped wallpaper and took out some fixtures. Like the mirror. And the medicine cabinet. This would have been commendable if she didn't leave the wallpaper all over the floor and actually finished the job. Truth be told the bathroom has been pretty much unusable since the summer.

So I'm off work this week and figured it's time to have at it. DD's schedule has her home for a few days so we got into it together today. We were having fun working together tearing apart the vanity with a big crowbar and ripping out the carpeting, taking it all to the dump and washing the walls. When all of a sudden... WOOOOOSH! The pipe for the toilet (which we had removed earlier in the morning) broke loose and water was spewing everywhere, including in between the walls. By the time I got the main water shut off we had a pretty good flood going on in the bathroom.

Fortunately my best friend is an ace at soldering, so I cut out a chunk of wall and she took care of that nasty pipe for me. Lesson learned: I NEED to learn to solder, and not during a crisis. At least I bought myself a propane torch since the LAST time she helped me solder some piping, but when the weather warms up I'll be spending some time in the garage with some pipe, some flux and a coil of solder to learn when there's no pressure to get it right the first time.

So between flying and plumbing and reading all my new knitting books there hasn't been much time spent actually knitting. The first streetwalker is done and I'm halfway through the second. And I have to say that I feel just a little blasphemous about this but I don't really love that pattern. Is it just me?


Sharon said...

I love the vanity, it is the perfect size, some of them are so big you would have to live in a mansion (which I don't) to fit them in.

I had to laugh about your comment on jaywalker, can I let you in on a little secret; I printed out the pattern and sat down and read through it and thought 'I don't think I would enjoy knitting that' so filed the pattern away. I too felt like I was swearing.

Areli said...

What a great vanity, such a feminine thing to own, but practical, too. I am impressed with you planning to learn soldering, it is a handy skill to have.

freshisle said...

You are way too talented!! I can't even imagine using a propane torch!! I'm with you on the 'too blind to even put on mascara' thing. I have a mirror on a wall that I can get nose to nose with to apply make-up. Nice vanity!