Monday, January 16, 2006

A Mixed Bag

You don't realize how much junk you have until you start trying to declutter. I've had a really productive couple of days here cleaning out and organizing my pantry and freezers. I can't believe how much stuff I threw out! I go grocery shopping, think I should pick up stuff for future use "whenever", they it gets sucked into the vortex of the downstairs freezer or the pantry never to be thought of again. I threw away a bunch of old freezer-burnt meat, buns, pizza pops that the kids never found, and a bunch of UFO's (unidentifiable frozen objects). I even found two whole chickens that fortunately still look edible. In the cupboards I found a whole bunch of boxed rice dishes bought at various times that must have looked good when I bought them but never get included in meal planning because I forget I've got them.

But what really amazed me about how I accumulate stuff was the home-canned stuff in the pantry. I had three jars of pickled beets and three jars of corn relish. Now you need to understand that I haven't made corn relish in at least 10 years, and I haven't made pickled beets since before I had kids. DD is 17yo! This means that I've packed up these 6 jars and moved them from house to house at least 3 times. Why would I do that? It's a sickness, I tell you. I think it's safe to say that no-one's going to eat them. They don't even look edible anymore and probably haven't been for a very long time. Well those jars are no longer taking up space in my pantry. Out with the clutter; no pantry space for you!

Just to show you that I'm not the only one who can get obsessed about stuff, here's DH playing on his laptop. Of course which one is anyone's guess... In all fairness the closest one is mine. Now It's understandable that he has one for work. And it's understandable that he has his personal one. And it's even understandable that he bought another one because his personal one is on the blink. But to play with them all at once? I rest my case.

On to knitting stuff; have you heard of a knitting bra? Neither had I until I read about it this week on Knitty. Apparently they sell these things to hold your ball of yarn while knitting. Someone suggested using an ankle sock. I can't believe I never thought of this before! It holds the yarn from exploding all over (especially with slippery yarns) and keeps it clean as it bounces on the floor. What a scathingly brilliant idea! Tabitha graciously offered to model it for us. (notice the table is still cleared of clutter!)

The Gilmore sweater is coming along. It now has a sleeve and I'm working on the second one. Who knows; it might even get worn this season! :)


Areli said...

Your pantry is inspiring! I am planning on getting my butt in gear in the next little while and tidying mine up, too.

I like the picture of your husband with all his laptops, my guy is a computer geek, too.

bitterknitter said...

I may have just been motivated to clean out my freezer. I'm not sure I remember exactly how many bags of frozen peas are in there anymore.

I almost thought you were knitting a bra. Now that the thought is planted in my head, maybe I will.

knitty_kat said...

I kind of thought that you meant a knit bra as well! LOL!

Ya know the little velvet bags that sometimes come with Crown Royal (if that be yer drink)? They make EXCELLENT yarn bras too!!

Tam said...

I can't wait to see your Gilmore sweater--I thought your first one looked great so I can't wait to see the sequel.

Your hubby, with all his computers, reminds me of the IT guys at my office. It's such a familiar site that it doesn't seem odd until someone sane, such as yourself, mentions it! =)

P.S. Thanks for your comments/questions on my blog regarding my Goal blog. I will try to post a response to them sometime soon.