Monday, February 27, 2006

Short and Sweet

I can't believe I haven't posted in two weeks! Life has been a little crazy lately. The bathroom is finally almost finished. I keep running into setbacks, but I am nothing if not determined! After all the bitching, blood sweat and tears the ceramic floor looks wonderful if I do say so myself. I've put in a granite countertop with an under-mount sink and got some fabulous taps to set it off. I'll have some pics soon, just as soon as I get some plumber's putty to finish the plumbing and varnish the moulding and nail it into place. And buy a new cabinet and hang it over the toilet. Oh yeah... and the towel rack. And anything else I've forgotten. Sheesh.

I was in London on business last week and got to Lens Mill. What a cool store is that! I bought some fabric to cover the styrofoam blocking board I'm making and of course some sock yarn. I'm seriously considering some kind of 12 step program for sock yarn!

And I don't want to leave without reporting that I saw the knitting olympics featured on cbc news one night, right after the "real" olympic coverage. How cool is that?!


Areli said...

Your bathroom sounds likes it's going to be beautiful when finished, looking forward to pictures.

Sharon said...

Life certainly does get a little crazy sometimes, 2 weeks can just fly by.

Lucky you in London, who can resist sock yarn!!

knitty_kat said...

let me know if you start up that 12 step - I NEED to join too.

Hi, my name is knitty-kat at I am a sock-yarn-aholic!!!