Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Start of the Brazil Installments

Due to the overwhelming clamouring of requests (ok, one! lol) for feedback from the Brazil trip, I'm going to post the emails I sent home to family about the trip. Some of it will probably bore you to tears but hey; (one of) you asked for it! lol


I'm here! Safe and sound. ~I~m also having trouble with this keyboard; it~s a bit of a different layout.

Anyway we made it here to the hotel safely, BTW it~s an 11 hour flight, not an 8 hour one like I originally thought.

I~m not able to get the wireless working on my laptop so far, and my cellphone won~t pick up a signal at all - which means no text messages. And the payphones need phone cards. Hopefully I~ll have better luck with the internet at least once we get to our next hotel in /belo Horizonte tomorrow night.

It~s hot and very humid. I need to go change now that someone finally let me know how to turn on the power in my room!

Love you all and miss you. I~ll write more soon.

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knitty_kat said...

Woot! Travel bloging is awesome! I haven't read all of it yet, I'm going to savour it!

Glad all is well in your neck of the woods!