Thursday, April 26, 2007


Does my blog look as old and boring to you as it does to me? It may be time to play with it a little. Now that "the craziness" (travel, exams; ok, exam) is behind me, maybe I can find some time to do something about that.

So I have to tell you about my new Ebay addiction. DD needed some new bedding and found some silky sheets on Ebay she wanted. I balked, there's no way I'm buying stuff from Ebay, especially sheets! So needless to say I went ahead and ordered them anyway, the price was excellent, and the sheets are beautiful. So then I decided I wanted to try a duvet cover instead of sheets and a comforter for my bed. I found some on Ebay much cheaper than the local stores so I went for it. Then I decided a nice feather duvet would be just the thing to stuff into that new duvet cover. You see how this happens? Anyway the sheets are 100% cotton and they've washed up to be the softest most lovely thing next to your skin. And the feather duvet is like sleeping under a cloud. I already have a featherbed underneath, so even Tabitha has given it her seal of approval.

And speaking of exam I think I did ok last night; once I got to write it that is. I had a union meeting and had a couple of hours to kill before the 7:30 exam. So I grabbed a burger and went to where the exam was being held and sat in my truck studying. At 7:00 I noticed not many people were still going inside, and just on a hunch I checked my calendar. The exam starts at 7:00! Where did I get 7:30 from? I've only known about the exam schedule for what; four months now? So I RAN inside and found myself in this huge room lined with desks and numbered aisles on signs up in the air. Let's not forget this is my very first ever university exam; and I am OLD! A woman asked me who my professor is and I was so nervous my mind went completely blank. I just sputtered and stared at her dumbly and she then asked "ok, what class are you in?" Nothing. Not a single credible thought found it's way into my head. I tried getting my palm pilot open because I knew I had written all important things - like row number for my exam - in there, and the woman must have realized that I was having coniptions, so she started guessing classes. But not the right one. Finally the screen came up on my palm pilot with my class written on it and with a big sigh of relief the woman said that I was in the row right in front of us.

Things are never as simple as they seem, are they? I went and sat down when one of the teacher's assistants came over and told me I have to sit in a spot with a paper in front of it. Turns out I'm sitting next to someone, and that's a no-no. Oh. Ok. So I got up and started walking towards the back looking for an empty spot. You know those dreams where you're walking down a long corridor and you can't see the end? That's what it felt like. I finally found an empty seat; in the very back row.

Well if you remember I'm late so the exam is already underway. I start to read the questions and quickly realize that there's stuff on this exam that I've never heard of. I double check to make sure it's for my class, and it is. Then I realize that there are no questions whatsoever about the notes I had copied from a classmate for the two weeks I was away in Brazil. Well being in university and all I was bright enough to figure it out; classmate gave me notes for the wrong class! Now you think I'd have figured it out before now with the topic and all, but it could have been for my class. It was talking about civilization and culture and stuff. Just not particularly about women. More about some native tribes around the world. Hmmm.

But I got it written with fifteen minutes to spare. And I think I did ok after all. Then I got to go home and crash in the new cottony feathery goodness that is my bed. Life can be good that way.


knitty_kat said...

You have certainly been busy. Glad that things are going well for you.

Changing over to the new blogger does screw you up for a while, but it works out in the end. Let me know if you need any help (if I can).

Sauntering Soul said...

Jacqui, I'm so glad you've just been too busy to blog and that nothing bad had happened to you! I've been checking your blog every few days and had been really worried about you.

Can't wait to hear about your trip to Brazil (I'll read it all no matter how long it is). That's where my guy is from and I've been eating up everyting he has shared with me about his country. I'd love to hear your perspective as well.

Hope you got a good grade on your exam. You should be so proud of yourself for doing this!!

Welcome back.