Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'm feeling better.

I'm feeling better today. Just writing about it yesterday helped me to start organizing my thoughts and get things into focus. I spent some time today with DD working on getting a summer job. By bringing her to the Worker's Adjustment Centre to have her resume looked at she's starting to see that it's not just her struggling to find work and not to take it personally that she's having a hard time. Being down there talking with friends who have already lost their jobs helped put everything into perspective for me.

I've decided that I will get through this. I've had wonderful opportunities in life so far and it's no good getting upset because life decides it's not going to run smoothly along the well laid out plans I had made. Life doesn't work that way; it likes to keep us guessing. I've never dealt well with change, and it's time to get over that.

Every single time in my life when something bad has happened, something good was waiting around the corner, even when it wasn't immediately apparent. I'm going to stick to that philosophy because it hasn't failed me yet. I'll be fine. And thanks so much for the awesome warm comments to yesterdays post. You have no idea how much that helped!

So to leave you with a happier pic than the heartbreaking one I posted yesterday, here's DH, my brother and his wife and I at Senor Frogs. Are we having fun yet? ;)


Sauntering Soul said...

I wanted to leave a comment on your last post saying that even unwanted changes have always turned out good for me. But I was afraid you'd want to tell me where to shove that comment! Glad to hear you're feeling better - sometimes a little time to absorb bad news is all we need to look at it in a different way.

HarrowRob said...

Well little sister, I knew you had it in you to see past today's current picture. Remember the day you & I met? You were feeling pretty down about that situation, and guess what, you looked passed that struggle and took on the world. Since that day, you have become an amazing leader. You have become an amazing social justice activist and proud for all sisters & brothers. You have the inner strength to take on the world.

In peace & solidarity,

knitty_kat said...

I knew you would be ok. You are a strong and wonderful person who is very capable. Something wonderful will come of this I am sure!!