Saturday, May 19, 2007

It's Raining Men!

If you've read my last post you'll know that DH and I are ready to move to the next step of our relationship by moving in together. Ok, ok, so it won't be for a few years yet, you don't want to rush these things!

So in the meantime I had another man move in with me yesterday. No, I'm not a woman-of-questionable-morals; my DS has come home!

I haven't written much about DS. I love this guy to death, but there's no denying that he's been a major challenge all his life. To sum it up he is extremely impulsive and makes some very bad choices. Doesn't sound much different than any other teenage boy, except in DS's case if you were to take that and square it you might start to get the picture.

Anyway he moved in with Ex during the Aweful Rebellious Summer of '06. Unfortunately he and Ex have always had an extremely volatile relationship, and now this living arrangement has all come to a nasty end. Fortunately I've always been able to maintain a good relationship with DS through everything. Welcome home Baby!

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Kare said...

Hi Jacqui!
Oh wow! I've just been catching up on all of your posts. (I can't believe I've missed so many.)
Thank you for sharing your trip to Brazil. I'm in awe of everything that you wrote. wow.
You have such a postive outlook on everything and you are truly an inspiration to me.

Congrats on the big decision.
I have a child that sounds a lot like your son. Challenging is a good word.
Sounds like a good thing that he's coming home.
Take care!