Friday, October 26, 2007


I'm taking a sick day today. I've got a cough and a horrible scratchy throat and I'm all achy. DH wants to take me out to one of my favourite restaurants tonight to celebrate my birthday but we may end up ordering in pizza instead if I'm not feeling any better. So to pass time I'm watching daytime TV (which I NEVER do; who knew there were so many judges on tv!) and surfing.

So the red cell-phone case came in. I love it! Ok, I don't love the clippy thing for hanging it on your belt. I'm always knocking it off and smashing the phone on the ground. Not good. But just as a case, I think it's pretty awesome. Notice I painted my nails to match? LOL

And for something completely different, do you know something people never do anymore? Sew. Well other than my mother that is; she still sews all the time. I grew up sewing and I can remember stealing shirts from the goodwill bag my mom kept and cutting out sleeves and collars or just using the fabric to make them into new trendy tops. Sometimes I'd add some embroidery. I bought my own first sewing machine at 18 where I picked up an old used one for about $50 in the classified's. (how DO you spell that?!) That was about half a week's pay for me at the time, and I was working full time. Then I bought a brand new one for probably two or three hundred dollars a few years later. It was a big investment, but I figured I'd get lots of use out of it and it would be worth it. And I did get lots of use out of it. When the kids were little I sewed all the time. I made diapers (using a disposable diaper as a pattern and velcro to fasten them; they were awesome!), baby quilts, clothes for the kids, clothes for DD's dolly, clothes for me, etc. I don't sew much now, mainly just mending.

But what got me thinking about all this? Look what I just ran across for $20! Now it's probably not going to be still working in 50 years like the used one I started with, but for someone just trying to learn, perfect! Of course this is part of why all our jobs are going overseas, with the influx of cheap consumer goods from third world countries. Blech. I'm going to take a nap now.

Tabitha says I can't play on the computer anymore until I feed her.


Sauntering Soul said...

Yippee! You're back!

Sorry you're feeling icky, but I hope you get better quickly and have a fabulous birthday!!! If not, celebrate when you do feel better but by all means, don't skip the celebrating.

Love the phone and your nails look lovely.

JustApril said...

Too bad about how you're feeling, hope you are all better real soon. I used to be make all my dresses back when I was in high school. That's been a while ago =) Hope you are feeling all better tomorrow - OH and daytime TV leaves much to be desired. I actually watched Gomer Pyle and Beverly Hillbillies today!

knitty_kat said...

Feel better soon!

(maybe you should get Chinese instead? At least you can order soup!)