Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sesame Street- Old MacDonald Had a Spaceship

When it came to kid's shows as my kids were growing up there were some... ok most... of them that drove me round the bend. I remember when the kids were small and you'd sit and watch tv for a bit with them some shows were completely mind-numbing. Like the time DS got mad at DH for snoring in the theatre when we took him to see the Pokemon movie (it was me that was snoring in the theater!)

But there are a couple of kid's shows that wove their way into my heart and still remain there today. One of them was Sherry Lewis' Lamchop and Friends. When I want to annoy someone I'll still sing "this is the song that never ends..." trust me you don't want me to finish that. The other all time great kid's show is Sesame Street.

Sesame Street writers had the smarts to include bits that were way above the kid's heads but would make the parents laugh. It would appeal to all ages. I remember sitting with DD when she was 21 months old (I remember that because it was a few days before DS was born) watching Sesame Street, when Kermit the Intrepid Reporter was interviewing Old MacDonald in a corn field. For some reason I remember a lot of that particular episode, every time Kermit would say "Old MacDonald had a farm..." all the farm animals would stick their heads in front of the camera and yell "e-i-e-i-o!" Anyway Kermit commented on Old MacDonald's accent and asked if he's Scottish. Old MacDonald replied "Aye, Laddie, with a name like MacDonald you think I'm from Calcutta?!" Well I howled... ok, hormones may have had something to do with it... or maybe I just needed some adult interaction... but it stuck in my head and it's always made me smile when I look back on it. Well it must have been an ongoing theme because lookie at what I just found:


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snork! Hilarious!

Happy Thanks Giving!

Me said...

I love Kermit, and I remember watching the Sesame Street episode with Old MacDonald. This post really took me back :)

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Are you traveling all over the place again or something? Where have you been? Hope life is treating you well!