Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Freaky-Geek!

Rick James may have sung about a super-freak, but I've become a Freaky-Geek! Sing along with me now; I'm a freaky-geek, freaky-geek, I'm super geeky... MEOOOWWW!


Yes, it's a sickness, a SICKNESS I say! I've bought another new techie toy. A Palm Treo 700 Smartphone. It's not bad enough that I still had a year to go on my OLD phone and plan (two years old is old for technology, right?) And it's still not bad enough that I'm increasing my phone bill to include getting my emails and being able to surf the net. What's REALLY bad is that I've wasted my entire day surfing Ebay for accessories to go with it; after all, we're all about the accessories aren't we?! There's a reason the other smartphone is called a "Crackberry". Yup, I'm addicted. I'm a slave to my techie toys. So any day now I'll get a fabulous red hard case in the mail to protect the new baby and a car mount so I can watch it always even when I'm driving. I TOLD you it's a sickness!

And what better to go with a new red-encased cellphone? Some fabulous red patent leather shoes! Apparently I must have bought these shoes early in the day before my Sasquatch feet swell because I can't wear them for more than 10 minutes without getting a heel full of blisters. I tried to replace them with the next size up but they're not available anywhere anymore. I was about to see if I could give them away when I had a scathingly brilliant idea; cut the strap in the back and sew in a bit of black elastic. And lo and behold it worked! I've actually worn these shoes for an 8 hour stretch without the slightest discomfort! I know; I can't believe it either. I can't wait for the matching cellphone case to come in! I know; I'll meet DH at the door in nothing but the red heels and the cellphone in its red case. I'll knock his socks off; mainly because he's a freaky-geek too. He'll take one look at that red-encased cellphone and grab it out my hands and run to go play! LOL

Now on a totally different subject the tv is on while I'm writing this post and the Lawrence Welk show is on. Do you remember that show? With the bad hairpieces (on the men!) and the virginal women? Wow! Talk about a different time and place. Not a red pump to be seen, let alone a cellphone!

And finally, for all my fellow Canadians, Happy Turkey Day!

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Kare said...

Thank you for putting that song in my head. : P
I want to roller skate now.

Love the shoes! You are so smart!!