Sunday, November 18, 2007

I have been so bad about this whole blogging thing. The truth is my life is so boring I can't believe anyone would want to read about it! But I'm biting the bullet and putting up another pathetically boring post.

But first a clarification; although I call Thumper my little rodent friend, the truth is he's a hampster. A very cuddly soft little rodent hampster with ticklish whiskers; and sharp teeth! lol He's definitely weazled his way into my heart already.

So I was up in Port Elgin again last week to do a presentation about women in skilled trades. I can't tell you how much I enjoy that! Like everyone else I get really nervous when I have to do public speaking, but I'm completely at ease when I do this presentation. Maybe it's because it's a room of all women. Maybe it's because there's always a couple of sisters from my own local union there to provide moral support. Or maybe it's just because I tell lots of personal stories about my years working in the trades that are always well-received by the sisters. But I think ultimately it's because I'm talking about something that I really know, and feel passionately about. The pic is one that I use in the presentation. It's of me and a fellow tradeswoman, who happens to also be my best friend. I love this pic; I have it framed and hanging in my garage where all my tools are!

But on the way up to Port Elgin we hit a deer on the highway! OMG! All I can say is it's a good thing DH was driving his truck. If it would have been me in my truck there would have been a lot more damage. DH's truck is a 3/4 ton and the deer just bent the bumper. I'm thinking there would have been a lot more damage to my Sport Trac. Not to mention I would have been freaking a whole lot more if I were the one driving! I don't have a lot of optimism for the deer, though. DH says it'll be fine, just a little sore for awhile. I say you don't get hit at 100kph (60mph) and not have massive internal injuries. Not that it was DH's fault by any means; it was pitch black out on a remote highway and the deer ran up off the side of the road just as we were passing. Damn suicidal deer!

In other news, I finally got in to see Dr. Thompson, the hot (yeah, Knitty-Kat, you were right! lol) rheumatologist in London. I've been on the waiting list to see him for about a year. Anyway he's put me back on the leukemia drugs (metho-trexate) I was on years before, but at almost triple the doseage. I had taken myself off of them when I felt I was in remission, mainly because they're so toxic, but things are getting bad again and he's supposed to be the best, so I'll be a good girl and do as I'm told and take the meds.

Other than that, let's see. School is going really well. Have I mentioned how much I love going to university? I'm such a browner with my hand always up! lol I was nothing like this way back in high school. I was doing a major declutter in the house yesterday and ran across a couple of WIP's, now that I'm back on meds maybe I can get back to the knitting. I'd like to share a positive comment about DS but I'm afraid to jinx things so I'll leave that one alone.

So yeah, that's about it. Don't say I didn't warn ya!


Kim said...

Hi Jaqui,

Thanks for your comment! Yes, I love those ladybug buttons!!..I got them at Knit One Purl One.
I see that you were up in Port Elgin, by any chance at the CAW Center there? Just wondering as I go up there as well!..


Kim said...

Hi Jaqui,

It's definitely a small world! I'm from local 2458 - i'm on the H&S committee at work, so that is what brings me to Port Elgin - i've been there a couple of times now, in fact was just there at the end of September - I usually come back at least five lbs heavier! lol...I love going though! and I love Knit One Purl One. It is great finding local knitters - it's nice that my two sister's knit, so we get together when we can and just sit there and knit lol...!...


Sauntering Soul said...

It doesn't sound like your life has been boring at all! Traveling, school, doctors, and hitting deer. Hardly boring stuff.

Keep updating! I'm doing NaBloPoMo and you'd be amazed and that inane stuff I've written about this month. Your posts can't be more boring than mine have been.

knitty_kat said...

Whoot! Hot doctor alert! Dude, I'd fake something to just keep going back to him. I'm sure he will have you feeling much better in no time (if not he'll distract you with his looks and charm!)

I'm glad the deer thing wasn't too bad and that you sound like you're doing well!

Kim said...


Actually i'm in the health care field, I work in a nursing home. Our local has quite a few different places, professions etc. My husband did work at Ford though, he took the buy-out.
The yarn i'm making the sweater out of is really light...really nice yarn, was a bit surprised actually.