Monday, November 26, 2007

The Lady in Red

I've been playing around with the template for this blog. I've been bored to tears of the skin I had on it for years now, but didn't want to change it for a few reasons. First, I didn't love any of the free skins I was finding out there. Second, I had so much stuff in the sidebars that I didn't want to have to change it only to find that I couldn't figure out how to put that stuff all back in. And third, I was too lazy busy. So I just started playing around with the template that was on it, so the layout is still pretty much the same but now at least I have a little colour in my life.

Last night I was looking for the leftover yarn from a pair of socks I had knit that now needed darning. It's been awhile since I've looked in my stash, and I couldn't believe how much great yarn I have in there! I also have lots of crap yarn, but that's another story. Anyway, I found a pair of socks I had forgotten about that I'm now determined to finish. I also found the partially knit Clapotis that I think I'm going to frog and make Branching Out instead. It's a really pretty laceweight wool from Handpainted Yarn in Uruguay. I've also got about 10 skeins of the sock wool from Briggs and Little, a wool mill I ran across years ago when I was driving through New Brunswick. And I've also got a whole bag of some super soft lavender fluffy stuff that would probably make a gorgeous (and washable!) baby blanket. I'd best hold off on that though; don't want to give the kids any ideas. :o That one came from the Spinrite Yarn Factory in Listowel.

It's a good thing I'm back on the meds; looks like I've got me some knitting to do!


knitty_kat said...

Holly crap - where have I been?! You've been knitting and blogging and some how I missed both of them.

I hear ya on the stash diving for gifts (and being cheap). I love the tea cosy and pot thingies so much that I'm gonna steal them! ;)

Anonymous said...

New colours look great Honey.
And you know how good I am with colours, right?

Had some snow come down today in Port Elgin. It's coming.



Sauntering Soul said...

Love the new look Jacqui! Red is my favorite color. I've mentioned that about 8,000 times on my blog so you probably already knew that.