Monday, February 03, 2014

New Machine Update

My dealer spoke with Pfaff last week and was told the 2.0's will be in North America for distribution the first week of March. Apparently my name is at the top of the list.  I feel like a little kid waiting for Santa lol

There is a very indepth review that does a comparison between the Ambition line and the Expression line. When I was test driving the Ambition at the store I asked the dealer what the difference is between the two lines and one of the things was the Expression line has a bigger motor. The review linked above discusses how well both lines deal with a heavy load such as six layers of denim without missing stitches, although the Ambition made more noise about it.

With the 2.0 having a bigger motor I wonder if it then puts it closer to the Expression line. Obviously there are other differences such as having a wider bed and doing extra tricks but as I am (at least for now) simply a garment sewer I LOVE the idea of a bigger motor to tackle denim and corduroy jeans. The fact that other reviews have mentioned it is a good basic quilting machine also will mean that I won't need to upgrade right away if I decide to go down that road. I've had my current Betty for more than 25 years so I am super excited. I think I've found a really good fit AND some really good luck.

So of course I have been stockpiling fabric and patterns in anticipation of the new baby's arrival.  I am still trying to decide whether to MacGyver a set-in sewing machine cabinet out of a table or a desk or whether to buy the extension table in anticipation of future quilting or even just to tackle the blinds for the sunroom.  I just called the dealer to ask about it and she said that she had already spoken with Pfaff about how long I have been waiting and how nice I have been about it, and can they throw in an extension table at no extra charge.  Pfaff agreed.  Have I mentioned how much I heart this dealer?  lol Woohoo!  I guess that means more $$ for fabric! 

But I can't blame the lack of sewing progress entirely on the machine situation.  I have been having renovations done in my house for the last few weeks and my sewing room is off limits.  In an act of desperation I brought the serger downstairs last week to try my hand at rolled hems on some napkins.  I am so pleased with how they turned out!  My fingers are crossed that I get the sewing room back by next weekend.  One can only hope.


tgwgws said...

The link to your Soap Site does work for me. Thanks

Jacqui said...

Thanks for reminding me, tgwgws. I haven't made soap in quite a few years now; I need to remove that link.