Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Queen Has Chosen

When Jeff is not here Mallory tends to sleep on his side of the bed. Then there is always a problem of cat fur all over his pillow and sheets. Holly prefers the foot of the bed so is not so much of a problem. So in an effort to keep harmony in the house I decided Mallory needs a cat bed to sleep in on the bed. I have a store-bought bed that she lays in next to me on the couch which is the one on the right. The problem is the hole in the middle is too small for her and she ends up half in and half out. So of course I decided to make one.

I used the safari fabric I used to make Sergio's cover for the base and I had scraps of animal print fleece to use for the top and sides. I sandwiched a layer of quilt batting between the base and top and stuffed the sides with craft batting/stuffing. First I basted the quilt sandwich together and then I basted one edge of the sides to it. In hindsight I could have done that in one step rather than two but I was making this up as I went. I then added the stuffing and serged all the layers together.

Although it's not obvious in the pics the base is about 4" bigger in diameter than the original bed. The sides tend to roll into the middle on mine whereas they seem to stay centered on the store-bought one. I'm wondering if this has something to do with the serging. I could try topstitching the seam towards the centre to see if it will work better, but I think the size is ok as it is. I had made the sides smaller to make for a bigger hole. The whole thing is very soft and squishy and should reflect back her body heat.

After all that there is no guarantee that she will even like it. I sat her in it and she immediately got out and walked away. I was ready to write off the whole project when I turned around and saw this.

And then this. Clearly the Queen has chosen.

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