Sunday, May 11, 2014

There’s a New Girl in Town

Meet Jenny – Jenny Janome. She’s my new Coverpro 1000CPX. Yes I know, I don’t need another machine. But the truth is I haven’t really been happy with any of the hems I’ve done on my knits. I know the twin needle thing looks like a coverhem from the good side, but the threads still pull and slide back and forth. The inside of the seam leaves a lot to be desired. So I decided a “Happy Mother’s Day to me” gift was in order. Someone’s got to stimulate the local economy, right?

I spent a few hours last night rearranging and organizing things in the sewing room to make room for her. My new sewing desk is getting a little crowded lol. There’s Jenny on the left, Sergio in the middle and Phoebe on the right. Betty is stashed on the shelf below Phoebe. And Gertrude is on the far right modeling New Look 6643-in-progress.

This morning I tore out the hems on two tops I’ve recently made and redone them with Jenny to take her for a test drive. This knit fabric is so thin and drapey that I was still getting some tunneling with Jenny. Then I remembered reading somewhere about using steam-a-seam for this problem, so I gave that a go. Now this is a hem I am happy with! I probably won’t get any more sewing done this weekend so that I can spend some time with my hubby that I only see on weekends. That means I won't be jumping into the Bionic Gear Bag Sew-Along for at least a few more days.

 But here is a pic of my happy puppy Thor modeling his new hotdog neckerchief I made on Sergio yesterday. I didn’t want Sergio to feel left out.

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