Friday, June 06, 2014

Something Simple

After the challenge of the Bionic Gear Bag I decided I needed to do something really simple. I was straightening up the sewing room when I ran across the hamburger fabric I had bought to make bandanas for Thor. I had made the hotdog bandana as a triangle and attempted to do rolled hems. After the first side didn't turn out right I just did a three-thread overlock for the other two sides. I had thought the rolled hems didn't turn out because I didn't use wooly nylon, but later realized that I had forgotten to remove the stitch finger from Sergio. Doh!

So yesterday I did the rolled hems with much better results. I took my time threading in the loose ends and using a little fray-check on them. I also made these ones as a large square to be folded in half rather than a triangle. I'm not sure which I like better but Thor doesn't seem all that impressed with either one. There's two so I may cut one into two triangles. Less fabric may not be as annoying for him.

He "tolerates" them but that's about it. And I can just hear Steve reaming me for making him wear these! lol Maybe I should look for something a little "tougher", like a pirate theme or something. Hmmm....

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