Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Final Word on Butterick 6049

I haven't been in the sewing room in over three weeks! I had to be out of town on business for a week and was madly scrambling to finish up Butterick 6049 early so that daughter could wear it for a Halloween party. After being up working on it until midnight the night before going out of town she did get it early but without the lining being sewn down at the waist. What started out as a fairly straight forward project ended up being a bit of a fitting nightmare. I don't have a full pic of the final version but this one (to the left) is close. I took in the bodice for a snugger fit after this pic was taken. You may remember I had hand stitched the neckline opening to make it a bit more modest but that just ended up giving it a funny shape once she tried it on, so that stitching came back out.

As always I try to figure out what went wrong with a project. In this case I think part of my fitting problems came down to the fact that I used a regular cotton weave for the muslin but a cotton weave with a bit of lycra for the fashion fabric. Lesson learned - make your muslin out of the same type of fabric. Another issue is my daughter has been losing weight (intentionally - she's not sick or anything) and so the size she was when I initially took measurements and the size she was by the time the dress was done were quite different. Having said that a few other folks have posted about side-gap so clearly I am not the only one who ran into that problem. Also I think the hem should have been 1" shorter. I intended for it to hit the break in the knee but for some reason it seems a little longer. For the hem I serged the raw edge and then used a machine blindstitch to hem it. THAT part I am really happy with.

I've been holding off on starting anything else because I was waiting to get the dress back between the two parties she needed it for so that I could finish tacking down the lining and swap out the zipper for an invisible zip. Well, I asked her the other day when she is going to bring the dress back and she has already had her second party. Doh! But all is well - she loves the dress as it is. As it turns out she walked into the main party (a 60's pinup theme party) and the hostess gushed about how much she loved D's dress. Daughter knows how to make her mama's day.


Mave said...

Stunning, absolutely stunning.
I can see DD lining-up for a custom-made wardrobe. That's what sewing is all about. Wearing something that's unique.

Jacqui said...

Thanks Mave! I agree she does look stunning in the dress, and we had fun doing this project together.